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What's Included:

I will join you on your dive session in Lighthouse Bay, for up to 1.5hour and use GoPro 10 to capture some Photo's and Video's of you on your dive session.
Great for Social Media and showing your friends and family back home what you have been up to under the surface.
I can give you the files straight out of camera onto your phone or laptop that day. OR If you would prefer them on a USB this can be arranged at a small extra cost (please let me know in advance how you would like to receive your images).
For Videos I would not recommend sending over Wifi as the internet is quite unstable in Dahab, however if this is your only option we can try to work that out.

If you would like some Basic Editing done to the images please ask and an additional 15 Euros will be added.
All Photographs will be taken between the surface and a maximum of 10m depth.

What's Not Included:

These images are not edited and are straight out of camera.
Safety diver - Please have your own safety diver with you (If you cannot provide your own safety diver we can provide for you at additional cost) as I will only be filming or photographing.
Each Packaged is based on photographing one individual. If you would like multiple people photographed please contact us so that we can work out a package to fit your needs.
If you do not have a computer with you I can provide the images on a USB for an extra 5 Euros

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