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What's Included:

I will join you on your dive session in Lighthouse Bay, for up to 1.5hour and capture some professional dive pictures of you on the line.
Usually I would take some "Action" Shots of you on your "Real" Dives and then we can do a couple Staged shots.
You will receive 5 - 8 professionally edited photos which you will be able to use on your social media or for printing for your wall.
All Photographs will be taken between the surface and a maximum of 10m depth.

What's Not Included:

Safety diver - Please have your own safety diver with you (If you cannot provide your own safety diver we can provide for you at additional cost.) as I will only be photographing.
Each Packaged is based on photographing one individual. If you would like multiple people photographed please contact us so that we can work out a package to fit your needs.

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