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Born from Passion: Depth Junkies Freediving

Depth Junkies was founded in 2023 by Jack and Samy, fueled by a shared passion for freediving and a desire to create a unique learning experience. We believe in prioritizing a relaxed and comfortable environment where students can truly develop their skills. Our goal is to empower you to safely reach new depths at your own pace.

Freediving isn't just about going deeper; it's about doing it right.
Jack took his first Freediving course in 2017 in Malta.  He was instantly hooked and found a freediving Club in Scotland where he went every week to Pool Training.  In 2018, Samy took her first course in the UK and joined the same club and that's where we met.  We both went to pool training's almost every week for the next couple of years.  Since then we have made numerous freediving trips to Dahab, Lanzarote, Croatia, Malta and around the UK.  In 2022 we decided to take a year out and we headed for Dahab. We completed our Instructor course and began teaching.  It is amazing to share your passion every day with others and be a part of their journey.  Never did we imagine that we would now be living in Dahab and spending our days teaching our passion in the beautiful Red Sea, but here we are. So come and join us, its rather beautiful out here.   

Our Instructors


Without a doubt Jack's biggest passion is Freediving.  He changed his whole world to ensure that he can do it any day he likes.  Jack has a passion for No-Fins however his favourite discipline is whichever one he is currently training. 

He loves training and the process of training, constantly tweaking and analyzing to get better at whatever he does. 

PB is  FIM: 73m

Certified CMAS Deep Safety Freediver Level 3 
Molchanovs Wave 2 Instructor

SSI Advanced Freediver Instructor

Jack Freediving


Samy just loves all things Ocean.  She started as a Scuba Diver however once she learned about Freediving Scuba had to take a back seat.  She later did some work as a professional mermaid diving in various Sea Life Aquariums in the UK.

Samy loves the ocean life and taking underwater pictures.  All of the images on this site were taken by her.  

Her passion for the ocean drives her to freedive.  The feeling during and after a dive is her main driver.  There is no better feeling than a good dive. 

PB is CWTBi: 50m

SSI Advanced Freediver Instructor

Professional Mermaid

Mermaid Instructor

Monofin Instructor

Underwater Photographer

Samy Freediving
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