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Hello Everyone and Welcome to our Depth Junkies Blog

Updated: Jun 5

My plan here is to give you guys a bit of information on Dahab, Freediving and the Freediving World.

Firstly a small introduction to us. We are Samy and Jack. We are a couple and we are both Freediving instructors. Last year we finally took the plunge and moved to Dahab full time, and so here we are. We have been to Dahab a few times, so we already knew our way around. We love it here and the diving is just first class.

Every day you can just wander down Lighthouse Bay and easily have up to 50m in the Bay. If its a bit windy or you want deeper you can take a 20 minute car ride to Blue Hole and have 90m depth a few steps of the beach.

On a bad day we usually have 25m visibility on a good day we have 40m. In winter the sea usually gets down to around 22'C and in October we can have over 28'C in the water.

Its rather delightful I have to say.

Anyways this is us, and welcome to our page.

This blog will mostly be written by Samy and will just be her thoughts spilled out here and I hope that they will help some of you along the way.

See you soon!

Samy x

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